The Gaia Movement USAThe Gaia Movement USA is a charitable organization that strives to educate people all over the world about the importance of environmental issues. In addition to teaching individuals about how they can help improve the state of the planet, the group also helps improve the quality of life for those living in developing regions. Gaia works tirelessly to promote sustainability and conservation efforts. The team also believes in providing access to clean water and resources for all people.

After its beginnings in Illinois in 1999, the group has since expanded to hold offices in California, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. While there are many charitable organizations that strive to promote recycling or help to get people in developing nations fresh water, Gaia works to encompass all of these issues and more. The group functions on both a local and a global level as they aim to better the planet for future generations.

About Gaia’s work

The Gaia Movement USA tackles environmental issues in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the many programs and services the charity offers to people across the country and around the world:

  • The “Rewear, Reuse, Recycle Used Clothes” program: Getting rid of unwanted clothes, toys, shoes, books, and other items feels great for any homeowner. Closets have more space, shelves are free of clutter, and there’s plenty of room to add useful items into your living space. However, your method of disposing of old items has an impact on the state of the environment. Tossing unwanted belongings into the garbage leads to massive amounts of clutter in local landfills. In turn, as these items decay they increase the amount of greenhouse gasses present in the environment. The Gala Movement USA has created a solution to this problem. The organization has set up drop off bins in high-traffic areas in various cities. These drop off sites allow people to dispose of gently used goods such as books, toys, and clothing. The benefits of these sites are many: For one thing, they prevent landfills from getting overrun with items that are still in good condition. Secondly, they allow these items to get passed on to people who will enjoy them. Gaia believes the bins, while not a complicated concept, have a big impact on conservation efforts.
  • The International Projects: Gaia is actively involved in International Projects, which help provide aid to people residing in developing countries throughout the world. These programs help ensure that these individuals will have a bright future, with access to clean water and other important resources. The programs depend on partnerships with other charities, as well as the cooperation of government agencies. Gaia gets directly involves with these efforts. Volunteers help build systems that improve the living conditions of people in needy areas. Many times these individuals don’t have access to proper sanitation, power sources, or drinkable water.

The Gaia Approach

While the volunteers at The Gaia Movement USA value helping the people of these countries, they know that this help must come in a structured way. When volunteers simply come in, build a piece of equipment, and depart, the chances of this equipment getting maintained in the long run are slim. Instead, Gaia has learned that several steps must happen to make sure that the work in other countries is worthwhile and has long-term success. These steps include:

  • Consulting with community leaders: The team at Gaia makes sure that the technology that is installed is in line with what community’s values. They also ensure that this particular piece of equipment will actually serve all of the community’s desires and needs.
  • Installation of simple yet effective equipment: New technology is only effective if community members have the means to care for the system once volunteers have left. With this principle in mind, Gaia builds pieces that will benefit a community but are simple enough to allow for maintenance by community members using resources available in that village.
  • Offering instruction to citizens: Gaia wants citizens of developing nations to have the ability to continue improving their own lives after the charity has departed. To make sure that this is possible, the group gives careful instruction to residents about caring for the new pieces of equipment that are installed in their villages and cities. This helps the individuals know how to maintain the equipment and keep it in good condition even after the volunteers are gone.
  • Providing instructional materials: The Gaia entrepreneurs also leave the communities with instruction manuals written in that location’s native language. These manuals detail how to perform maintenance on the new technology, further guaranteeing that repairs on the new systems will not become a problem.

The Gaia Movement USA: Improving Life Around the World

The Gaia Movement USA believes in the importance of helping people make their own lives better. Gaia believes that self-sufficient people are better able to care for themselves, each other, and their families. This belief leads the volunteers to teach farmers about the importance of crop rotation, irrigation, and other techniques that lead to soil preservation. It has them helping women in remote villages learn about gardening and rain water collection. In addition, the charity has helped to oversee the creation of solar panel powered charging stations, as well as the construction of restrooms and hand washing facilities at local schools. These things allow citizens in to become more able to provide for their families.

The group also focuses efforts in the United States. In Chicago and in parts of Indiana, Gaia helps to collect winter coats for the homeless. Volunteers also gather toys and books for needy children.

The Gaia Movement USA believes in educating all people about the importance of current environmental problems. The Gaia Movement USA helps people both in America and around the world live a better life. The Gaia Movement USA collects items for needy children and homeless individuals in the United States, and helps give those in developing countries access to clean drinking water and other essentials.

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